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Siemreap Cambodia Information

Siemreap City :Located between rice paddies and flanking the Siem Reap River, the small provincial capital of Siem Reap serves as the gateway to the millenniums-old temple ruins of the Khmer Empire, Angkor Wat. Being a tourist destination for over 100 years, Siem Reap has plentiful accommodation, ranging from simple guesthouses around the old market to five-star resorts nearer the airport.
The town is actually the result of a conglomeration of several small villages built around several pagodas and subsequently united under the French, and Siem Reap's architecture reflects their influence. Despite its rural location, the town has a healthy nightlife and good restaurants are not hard to find.
Siem Reap Weather
Siem Reap has a tropical climate with seasonal variations typical of all of Cambodia. The dry northeast monsoon season runs from December through April, while the southwest monsoon from May to November brings wet weather and high humidity.
April and May can get very hot in Siem Reap, especially in the latter month when the wetter weather adds a layer of sticky humidity to the high temperatures. From June through November you can expect a lot of rain, but this is not a bad time to visit Siem Reap since the temple sites are less crowded and the surrounding tropical landscape is at its full, fertile green glory. Certainly do bring an umbrella but the rainfall usually comes in brief showers with moments of sun to ensure you'll be able to take a few good photos of Angkor Wat and beyond!
Best Time to Visit Seamreap
The best time to visit Siem Reap is in December and January, when the days are assuredly sunny and dry. Just be aware that this is the peak tourist season, so you'll find it more crowded everywhere and prices will be higher.
Getting Around Siem Reap Cambodia

Siem Reap City is a compact kind of town in which visitors can get around by foot. Though the main attraction, the Angkor Wat is only some 6km away, still it’s best to go there by tour or take some kind of local transportation whether its car, tuk tuk (a two-person motorcycle trailer) or motorcycle taxi. The good point is they are everywhere and will probably find you before you find them.
The Angkor Archaeological Park is where the famous Angkor Wat is located and it covers an area of about 3-4km. Visiting the place with a tour guide and driver, is the most popular and convenient way of seeing this huge park. Horse carriages, elephant rides and electric cars are available. Some people prefer to rent a bicycle.
Siem Reap International Airport
Your gateway to the ancient Angkor Wat, Siem Reap Angkor International Airport is one of Cambodia’s busiest hubs for both domestic and international flights with over one million annual visitors touching down in the city. Named after the famous ancient temple city of Angkor the new terminal was inaugurated in 2006 and has since seen rapid expansion to meet the demands of a burgeoning tourism sector. The Cambodian government has plans to construct a new airport 60kms from Siem Reap but until this plan gets the green light Siem Reap Angkor International will no doubt continue to see significant growth. The airport receives a number of international carriers including Malaysia Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Air Asia, Air Macau, Asiana Airlines, Jetstar Asia, Lao Airlines, Korean Air, PMTair, Royal Khmer Airlines, Bangkok Airways and Vietnam Airlines.
Arrivals Siemreap Airport
When you touch down at Siem Reap airport you will have to walk a short way outdoors from the plane to the terminal building.When arriving in Cambodia you can apply for a Visa on Arrival at the desk just inside the immigrations area. A tourist visa costs US$20 and US$25 for a business visa. You need to complete the visa application form and submit it along with your passport, one photo and visa fee. Your application and passport will be handed around to up to eight different people so don’t worry if you see this happening. Your visa should be granted after around 10-15 minutes. You will find two ATMs just near here and immigration should you need to withdraw the visa fee.Once you have your visa proceed to the immigration officer who will stamp you into the country. The baggage claim is just through to the next room. Once you have your baggage head through the customs. If there is a customs officer present give him your declaration form otherwise just slip it into the bin provided and proceed out into the arrivals hall.Inside the arrival hall you will find a currency exchange booth which deals in most major currencies however if you have US dollars keep them to use freely throughout Cambodia. There is also a bakery here of you need something to eat before heading into Siem Reap.

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